Environmental Site Assessment

Evaluate site characterization and remediation plans, documents, and regulatory status of contaminated sites

Develop plain language synthesis of site conditions and plans for diverse audiences, ranging from fact sheets to technical reports


Consult on setup of small scientific sUAS program and implementation, including field survey preparation, design, and implementation

Custom training for scientific teams in preparation for Part 107 exam and real-world field work

Community Management & Support

Design and support communities of practice, emphasizing inclusive, accessible, and engaging communication and collaboration

Coordinate interaction and engagement through online and in-person events and asynchronous communications

Diversity & Inclusion

Design and facilitate custom training on inclusive and accessible facilitation and meeting practices, including but not limited to STEM workplaces

Training on LGBTQ-inclusive workplace and community practices

Mindfulness Practices

Design and lead access- and inclusion-centered stationary and moving mindfulness practices

Provide technical hosting support for virtual or hybrid mindfulness community events that are offered on a free or gift-economics basis

Note: Collaboration for Inclusion

At this time I only work with groups or organizations that have a demonstrated commitment to diversity and to implementing more inclusive, accessible, and equitable practices across their programs and activities.