Professional Services

Current Offerings

I currently offer the following services on a limited basis, primarily to community groups.

Diversity & Inclusion

Design and facilitate custom training on inclusive and accessible meeting practices, including but not limited to STEM workplaces

Training on LGBTQ-inclusive workplace and community practices

Meeting design and facilitation training for peer-led and community affinity groups

Site Assessment

Evaluation and review of documentation of characterization and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater sites

Plain language synthesis of site conditions and plans, in format appropriate for the intended audience, ranging from third parties with a financial interest to impacted communities

Education and outreach with an environmental justice focus to support community understanding of the fate and transport of contaminants and to build community capacity to advocate for their preferred solutions

Professional Community Management and Support

Development and support of communities of practice, modeling more inclusive and accessible communication and collaboration approaches

Enable development of robust peer networks, with associated communication and collaboration tools

Coordinate interaction and engagement through online and in-person events and asynchronous communications

Event Planning and Facilitation

Advise and plan professional development and community events to meet specific goals and objectives

Organizational consulting or individual coaching on more effective, efficient, inclusive, accessible, and enjoyable meetings through engaging, interactive, and cooperative techniques

Coordinate, moderate, and host on-line and in-person events ranging from one-hour to multi-day events for 5 to 500 people

Peer-Led Mindfulness Practices

Design and lead stationary and moving mindfulness practices

Plan and facilitate discussions on mindfulness in every day life, with an emphasis on resilience, joy, and social justice for under-served communities

Consulting and technical hosting support for community and non-profit (501c3) mindfulness events that are offered on a free or gift-economics basis only

Note: Collaboration for Inclusion

At this time I only work with groups that have an explicit and demonstrated commitment to diversity and to achieving more inclusive, accessible, and equitable practices. This includes participant or audience cost and fees; venue and virtual meeting platform; and Covid/health guidelines.